5NINES Web Hosting

Personalized webhosting with cPanel
  • cPanel Lite

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    • cPanel Website Management

      Built-in Malware Scanning

      10 GB of bandwidth

      10 GB of storage

      10 Parked domains

      Unlimited Sub Domains

      5 FTP accounts
  • cPanel CMS

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    • cPanel Lite and these features...

      25 GB of bandwidth

      25 GB of storage

      Unlimited Parked Domains

      5 Addon Domains

      10 FTP accounts

      Content Management System Availability

      Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla
  • cPanel eCommerce

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    • cPanel CMS and these features...

      Unlimited bandwidth

      50 GB of storage

      Agora Shopping Cart

      Free SSL DV Certificates

      does not include wildcard cerificates

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